We believe financial plans are like New Year’s resolution: the intent is heartfelt and sincere but the execution is fragile.

At Brady Doyle Advisory Group, what we do is very important. How we do it is most important.

Process creates discipline and ensures clarity of purpose. We are the taskmasters and cheerleaders that ensure you have a roadmap that captures the big picture, and keeps you motivated and on track while but also dealing with the details. Complications arise as your needs are integrated. Tax, investments, estate laws and other technical aspects of your financial affairs constantly change. We are the consistency and discipline within your ever changing financial universe.

What difference does a financial plan make? A lot. The Financial Planning Standards Council global survey indicates when it comes to managing finances, consumers are struggling. They’re not highly confident, don’t stay on track, fail to achieve goals and most don’t have a financial plan.

Life Happens. We are focused on keeping your financial life and roadmap on track as events present forks in your road. Like a professional golfer, strategic positioning and discipline provide consistent results that help you accomplish your goals. Our steps include the essential building blocks of:


  • A financial roadmap
  • A financial review
  • A tax review
  • An investment plan
  • An protection plan
  • An estate plan
"As business people, we do not need a stock picker or mutual fund salesperson. Doyle Hunter Advisory Group is our choice as a financial consultant because they offer market knowledge based on sound analysis and business experience. They are a trusted member of my family’s financial planning team."

Gordon F. Jones, Peninsula Farms



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