At Brady Doyle Advisory Group, we help you answer it by asking it often. We believe it begins with you and your family. Be true to yourself. You will need to know your values, talents and passions in order to realize the rewards of financial freedom. You need to be motivated and focused on a goal or a series of goals. Your dreams will be tested but your passion and drive will get you through.

We also believe you need to educate and inform yourself about the pathway to your financial goals. We urge you to join our conversation. We believe it is a mutual or shared responsibility to achieve financial certainty.

You can save, spend, earn and yearn. It begins with you. Brady Doyle Advisory Group learns by listening. Through an informal discussion we learn about your hopes and dreams and from our discussion create a customized financial roadmap. Your roadmap is dynamic and sets us on a course to your financial destination. There may be twists and turns but each year or as your needs require, we review your financial roadmap to plot and measure our course and ensure your dreams are attainable.

What is on your bucket list?

It is never too late to do what you have been dreaming about! Canadians dream about many financial goals, big and small such as:


  • Taking care of the family with homeownership or a vacation property
  • Taking care of the kids or grandkids to fund a post-secondary education
  • Taking care of yourself through health and wellness
  • Contributing to your community through volunteering or charitable giving
  • Pursuing a passion such as starting a business or selling a business
  • Retiring and travelling the globe or starting another career path
  • Creating a nest egg for the next generation


Achieving a level of financial independence allows you to prioritize those dreams and we help you discover the shortcuts and choices you can make to arrive at your destination based on your pace and capacity.

"I believe I will always deal with Doyle Hunter Advisory Group because they genuinely care about me and my needs. I used to have an Advisor where nothing was ever really explained to me and I had no idea what I was paying in fees. Now I have clarity with my investment portfolio and understand much more about tax efficient investing. They are very transparent with their tax deductible fee structure. I have already referred two other clients thanks to all the advice and service while I dealt with the death in the family and estate issues. They have terrific partners and resources within CIBC to help provide comprehensive solutions specific to my needs."

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