Ten RRSP Hacks

Published by Brady Doyle on Jan 23, 2017

An RRSP allows you to set aside a portion of your income for retirement, deferring tax on both the funds initially contributed as well as on any earnings on the invested funds until the time of withdrawal... Continue reading

Death and Taxes: How to Leave Less to the CRA and More to Those You Care For

Published by Brady Doyle on Jan 23, 2017

Unlike the U.S., Canada no longer has any form of estate or inheritance tax. Yet despite this, death can trigger a significant income tax bill that, if not properly planned for, can leave an unexpected... Continue reading

What to do (or not do) With Your Tax Return?

Published by Brady Doyle on Jan 23, 2017

Financial issues including taxes are always top of mind for our clients during the first three months of each year. Completing your personal taxes assists you to focus on the after-tax savings and investing... Continue reading

Now That Your Personal Taxes are Filed, How About Updating Your Will?

Published by Brady Doyle on Jan 23, 2017

You know the old adage about the two certainties in life? Well that may be changing as baby boomers age, more flexible solutions for the Trillion dollar transfer of wealth are emerging such as “living... Continue reading

2017 Federal Budget Breakdown

Published by Brady Doyle on Jan 20, 2017

The March 22, 2017 federal budget (the “Budget”) included a number of tax measures that will impact Canadian taxpayers. Rather than summarize every tax measure included in the Budget document, this report... Continue reading



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